Tatjana Petrov is a Juniorprof. at University of Konstanz, Computer Science Department in Germany, leading the group for Modelling complex, self-organised systems. Prior to that, from 2013-2017, Tatjana has been a postdoctoral Fellow at IST Austria, supported by SNSF and ISTFellow grants. Tatjana obtained her PhD in 2013, at the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, ETH Zürich, working with Heinz Koeppl, within scope of SystemsX initiative. During this period she held longer research stays at Harvard Medical SchoolEPF LausanneENS Paris and Oxford. Tatjana obtained her BSc & MSc in Computer Science at the PMF Novi SadSerbia. Her postdoctoral work on model-checking gene regulatory networks was awarded the ETAPS EASST Best Paper Award.

Tatjana’s research lies at the interface of theoretical computer science and mathematical modelling. Her favourite models are probabilistic, and her favourite application are biological systems. A common thread in Tatjana’s research is the combined use of formal methods (such as model-checking, SAT solvers, automated reasoning in general) and mathematical modeling (such as Markov chains, model reduction, statistical inference, machine learning), as well as the domain-specific modelling languages and theories (such as rule-based modeling, stochastic chemical kinetics). Tatjana’s recent interests include data-informed and learning methods targeting modeling of collective behavior

See Tatjana’s research profile on DBLP, GoogleScholar, ORCID, LinkedIn.