Probabilistic computations.

We are interested in fundamental questions about models of computation, especially those with probabilistic behaviours: how to describe, execute, compare, reduce, minimise, compose them. Our current focus are tractable error measures for reductions of labelled Markov chains and memory notions for probabilistic systems.

Formal modelling of biological systems.

We are interested in aiding modelling of biological systems through mathematical and program analysis. A biological model written in a domain-specific language is a computer program, and as such is amenable to techniques of program analysis. We are mostly interested in models that are dynamic -that can be executed in time. In our previous works, we mainly focused on signal transduction and gene regulation. Our current focus are (a) reductions of stochastic chemical kinetics and rule-based models, (b) memory mechanisms in gene regulation and (c) data-informed modelling of collective behaviours.